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Sir Timothy (1927-2016) was a direct descendant of Silvanus Bevan (1743-1830) and of David Barclay (1682-1769), two of the senior partners in the original City bank of Barclay, Bevan, Tritton and Co. Educated at Eton, he served in the Welsh Guards from 1945 to 1947. He was called to the Bar in 1950 and joined Barclays the same year, being assigned to branches in London, Manchester and Preston before a spell with the Inspection department at Luton local head office. He was then attached to Barclays Bank (France) and to Barclays Bank DCO in Cyprus. He was appointed a local directors’ assistant at Leeds in 1955 and the following year was transferred to Nottingham District as a local director, also holding a local directorship at Lombard Street.

Election to the main board came in 1966, when he was also appointed chairman of the foreign branches local board. In 1968 he became a vice-chairman of Barclays and a director of Barclays Bank of California. In 1971 he was appointed a director of Barclays Bank International (BBI), in 1972 chairman of the UK management board and in 1973 deputy chairman of Barclays.

During his six years as Chairman, Barclays expanded its home mortgage business and its range of products and financial services, as competition became keener in an increasingly deregulated financial services industry. Barclays also led the way in re-introducing Saturday opening for its branches. The most significant development for the subsequent history of Barclays during these years was the creation of BZW, which saw Barclays enter the investment banking sector in a major way: BZW later became Barclays Capital.

On the international front, Barclays opened a representative's office in China, and, after many years of controversy over its continued presence in South Africa during the apartheid era, sold its remaining stake in the business there.

The major organizational change during Sir Timothy’s tenure of office brought the hitherto separately managed businesses of Barclays Bank International and the UK bank together in the substantial 'One Bank' programme that came to fruition in 1985 (he was the chair of Barclays Bank International for its last two years of operation), by which the present Barclays structure of an operating company (Barclays Bank PLC) and a holding company (Barclays PLC) was created.

As well as outside directorships he was active in the banking world, holding the chair of the Committee of London Clearing Bankers, was a National Economic Development Council member, and vice-president of the Council of the Institute of Bankers.

Timothy was a keen sportsman and competed at bobsleigh and in yachting. He was also a trustee of the Conservators of Ashdown Forest. He was knighted in 1984, and after stepping down as Chairman he remained on the board until final retirement from Barclays in 1993.  Sir Timothy Bevan died in February 2016.