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Group Archives


Barclay and Co Ltd was formed in 1896 as an amalgamation of 13 banks, all but one of which was a private partnership. In 1917, the name was changed to Barclays Bank Ltd and on 15 February 1982, the bank was re-registered under the 1980 Companies Act and took the title Barclays Bank PLC. In 1985, when the domestic and international banks were merged by Act of Parliament this company became the holding company, the name being changed to Barclays PLC, but retaining the original registration number 48839 issued in 1896.

Material available at Group Archives: the records of the main Bank between 1896 and 1985 constitute one of the most significant company archives to have survived intact. The main series include:

  • memorandum and articles
  • complete board minutes (agenda papers 1960s onwards)
  • committee records
  • amalgamation papers for banks of the 1896 merger and those acquired subsequently
  • extensive management records covering all aspects of the firm's activities
  • accounting ledgers and papers
  • shareholders' minutes and proceedings at general meetings
  • annual reports and accounts
  • head office instructions and circulars
  • extensive departmental records (notably Barclaycard, automation, Premises)
  • examples of advertising in all formats 1930s onwards
  • staff magazines 1926 onwards
  • local head office and branch records
  • inspection reports
  • an extensive series of photographs
  • staff records (rules, handbooks, recruitment, training materials)
  • premises records

Further information about this collection is available at the Archives Hub (link opens in new window).